Friday, 2 January 2009

This time I AM going to do it!

Right. After numerous aborted attempts (not good enough/too boring/who would want to read that..etc etc) I am going to write something on my blog and continue with it right to the end until it is there in glorious technicolour for the world to see! I have to get over this first step phobia and then hopefully it will get easier each time and maybe I'll stop being so much of a perfectionist. I'm not sure if there is an etiquette to starting a blog - I feel I know so many of you already from my times spent 'lurking' and leaving the occasional comment on your blogs - that I'm not sure what to disclose this first time! But enough of the waffle - on with the task..

..So, here goes...

Hello everyone!

....and next time I promise to add something more interesting!


  1. Hi
    Thanks for following my blog - you are first to follow me and I am your first follower too!!

    How did you find my blog? This is all new to me!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi - Welcome to the Blogosphere! Thank you so much for following my blog, good luck with yours. You do realise how compulsive blogging is, don't you? Alongside the fabric stash and the yarn stash, you will now have a blog stash. It doesn't take up as much room, but it takes up just as much (or even more) time!

    I will be sure to come back and see how you're doing.

    Take care :-)