Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's all about me!

It was a bit hectic here in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Like many of you, I had the wonderful (at the time) idea of making many of my Christmas presents - except life just kept interrupting the time that I thought I had to make them! That, and all the orders from the Christmas Fair, kept me going right up to Christmas Eve which was when I finished my last order. Fortunately it was for a good friend of mine who lives nearby!

Looking back over all the things that had been knitted and made I realised that I had not made a single thing for me for the whole year! Lots of things for the children and lots of things for others, but nothing for me. So it was without too much guilt that I did a little splurging and bought a little mountain of Noro to make some toasty Winter accessories
and an even larger mountain of Sirdar Big Softie to make this:
What I like about this is the fact that it is knitted on rather large needles and grows very quickly - perfect for me in those quickly grabbed moments when all the children are happy and occupied (or asleep!)

I've not completely finished knitting for others though as I have an outstanding promise to Little Ladybug to finish her reindeer that I have been painfully knitting since Christmas. Painfully because it is the most fiddly pattern ever with lots of tiny little pieces that need to be joined and stitched and blaggh! I shall be glad when it's finished, but have to make myself pick it up every day..


  1. Do you know, I don't think I made myself anything last year either? Gosh, that's quite shocking - hadn't thought of it before. Oh well, maybe this year?