Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Help needed...!!

Can anyone identify the name/maker of this scrapbooking paper? 

I really, really need it to make some decorations for a baby shower, but have only got two sheets left. I bought it about 4 years ago in the UK, but unfortunately it has no maker details on the back.

Fingers crossed... xx

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hidden Treasures

Look what I found in my garden today..

I'm very excited, as I've never had a vine before. As soon as I saw the first bunch, I kept spotting more and more and more! The vine is so overgrown and neglected, that I didn't expect much from it - will have to wait a bit longer to see if they are edible.


 All of our garden is sadly very neglected and overgrown. We have four fruit trees in there ( not sure what fruit they will grow!)  but they are so overgrown and surrounded by weeds, they are hard to spot! Next year, next year, I will start on the garden..... (need to get the inside done first!)

grapes in the garden

Monday, 12 July 2010

Things that make me happy today....

Living in a country where you can buy a huge bunch of flowers for just a few Euros

The new (to me!) Hipstamatic app on my iPhone - takes me back to the photograph albums of my childhood..

Glass bowls filled with diffent kinds of lovely balls, to be made into as yet unstarted projects..

The new addition to our family - brother and sister- and already a lot bigger than when this photograph was taken. As if we didn't have enough to do already!!!

My new white walls and furniture providing a clean backdrop for photographs...

And finally, the fact that I figured out how to upload my flickr photographs to my blog all by my very own, and I didn't have to ask Daddy Long Legs for help even once. It's not rocket science I know, but I'm quite chuffed!