Saturday, 28 August 2010

This weeks makes..


I'm getting back into my usual routine and am spending at least part of every day behind my sewing machine - yay!


This weeks makes have included a gift for a tiny new baby born ten weeks too early. I made it from the softest minky chenille and girly floral fabrics but am convinced that its going to be much bigger than she is. I've had the idea in my head for a while and managed to put it together in an evening. There are things that I'm definitely going to change for next time though.


I also managed to put together another idea that has been floating around in my head for a while - a cat collar!! our cats regularly come back home minus their collars and I really begrudge paying €7 or so for a collar that I don't really like. A month or so ago I ordered a whole batch of safety clasps and so when Mr Marmalade (guess which cat the children named..!) came home sans collar last night, it was a perfect time to put ideas into practice - and this is the result :


I am ridiculously pleased with it, though next time will do a double thickness of ribbon to make it a bit sturdier.


And here's a picture of the fat man himself wearing it!


This week I have also struggled with and given up on 'the dress that nightmares are made from'....
Will show you more next time!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Sugar and spice...

Beschuit met muisjes...

Last week I did my first real 'making' since the move, and it felt soooooooo good to be back behind my desk! The office/workroom is all unpacked and apart from a minor re plastering job and a lick of paint, is all set up and ready to go.

Want to see what I made? Go on then....!

Baby gifts

I hosted a baby shower for a friend, and as part of her gift, made her this pair of baby shoes and matching burp cloths.

I also made her a baby bouquet of vests and socks - I haven't made one of these for ages!

I had lots of fun preparing for the baby shower too, making cupcakes: 

Cupcakes for baby shower

Fondant dummy cupcake

baby feet cupcake

 and decorations..
(I loved these. Was very tempted to leave them up, but my girls nabbed them all for their rooms!)


The very observant amongst you may have noticed a sneak peek of the blanket that I'm making for the baby too. It's still not finished, and the baby is due next Monday. I'll give you a closer look next time.. xx