Monday, 19 January 2009

Another year older..

Today is my birthday and I have been thoroughly spoilt! After being woken up with a cup of coffee (my husband know me so well!) and everyone singing Happy Birthday in Dutch and English, I was allowed to open my presents. I have had some really lovely things and some wonderful surprises. As the Pickle goes to nursery on Monday mornings, I had the very rare opportunity of going into town with my husband for coffee - just the two of us! It's something that doesn't happen very often even though he works from home, so it was very lovely.

I was surprised this afternoon with a cake and candles. I also had a very productive time making corsages and putting together my package for my swap partner in the fq. swap

Tonight we are all eating out together as I absolutely refuse to cook!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!

    Sorry it's a day late, I did try and leave a comment last night but blogger wouldn't let me :-(

    Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday?!


  2. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday!! It was my birthday, on 7th January, and I thought just the same as you, we went to Pizza Hut!! : )
    My little granddaughter didn;t think much to being strapped into a high chair, but when the food arrived, she enjoyed that, then promptly fell asleep!!!!
    Lovely blog, you are welcome to pay mine a visit. Look forward to seeing you : )

    Sharon xx

  3. Sorry I'm late in saying Happy Birthday.

    Sounds like a lovely day :)

    What is your dutch connection then? My maternal grandmother is Dutch but I live near sunny Manchester, UK!

  4. Oh Crumbs, I'm 2 days late! So sorry. I hipe you had a wonderful day, and also are having a wonderful week. Happy Birthday! x

  5. Sending you a belated Happy Birthday wish x x

  6. Hi Rach - my husband is Dutch, but we lived there for 5 years and I can just about hold my own in a conversation! The children are all bilingual my husband speaks to them in Dutch and I speak in english

  7. ...and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

  8. Happy belated B-day! I hope you had a great day. Your presents are so cute and thoughtful, how lucky!!