Monday, 26 January 2009


There's been a lot of hilarity around the house recently. It all came from deciding that Pickle needs to take a step closer to being potty trained. Now I know that the words 'potty training' and 'hilarity' do not usually find themselves together in the same sentence, but let me explain...

It all started with choosing her 'big girl pants' except she can't quite manage to say that, so it came out as 'giggle pants', which made us smile , except that her pull ups had a picture of a rabbit on them - 'bunny pants'

..which came out as 'funny pants' .

If only it really was so amusing.....


  1. Good luck with the giggle pants!

  2. Thankyou! After 'doing' the other three I find myself lacking the willpower and energy with P. I keep consoling myself with the thought that no-one goes to school in a nappy, so it will happen sometime!

  3. I found you through "the ginger monkey", and I'm enjoying your blog. The giggle pants are so cute. May ask where you got them? I know of three fairies who will love to get some.