Sunday, 28 June 2009


I never ever seem to do very well when it comes to winning things. Give-aways - nope, raffles - absolutely not, tombola - not a chance! So I was very excited to find out that I had won a give-away from Annette on her blog The Ward House. It arrived last week, and I am so pleased! Two lovely sunshine yellow washcloths and a bar of handmade soap containing bergamot, which reminds me of Earl grey tea. Thank you Annette!

I had never used (or made) hand crochet washcloths before, but am converted! So much better than the flimsy ones you get from the supermarket (or the old baby vests I had been using too..) So quick to crochet up and I can get to use up all those odds and ends of cotton I have.

It is one of those things that non-knitters/crocheters often don't get though - a bit like knitting your own socks. I have been met with incredulity when people realise my cloths are 'hand made' and many don't quite understand why I would want to spend twelve pounds on a skein of sock wool and then spend hours knitting a pair of socks when I can get a pack of 5 from the supermarket for half the price and no effort! But then, they don't get to wear them......

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bits 'n pieces

A short while ago, I decided that I needed to make a quilt - or blanket - preferably both -or even better, two of each! You see, one of the things most fought over in our living room are the two blankets 'draped' over the chair and one of the sofas.

All four children love to snuggle under when watching television or reading, but there's not enough to go around and (ahem) they are actually 'artistically draped' to cover nasty awful splodges caused by aforementioned children, that just won't wash out of the covers (ink anyone?) So actually, I seem to spend half my time 'artistically re-arranging' them back over the spots-to-be-hidden, or adjudicating between who is to have them.

So, as you do, I set myself the task of making four covers - quilts, blankets, whatever, that can be used to snuggle under, while keeping the functional ones in place. Not that I have anything else to do with my time......?!

Consequently, I've been following (very much lagging behind actually!) the 'Mystery Quilt' that has been featured in the last four issues of 'Sew Hip' magazine, choosing red, green and blue as my base colours.

Four blocks pieced together,

five cut out ready to sew...

and three still to be started.

I've got no idea what it will look like when finished, but it sure will be bright! I'm a bit nervous about the whole quilting bit of the escapade though - I've never done any before and it seems awfully tricky - any tips?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Lazy Days

Not a lot of anything went on here this weekend. Daddy Long Legs and the Engineer were away at a 'Father and Son' Scout camp, which left me and the girlies home together. It was so different in a house full of females. Much quieter and much more laid back! We watched movies, went into town for coffee (me!) and cake and continued the weekend baking theme over from last week! Yes - MORE cake!

The girls wanted to make a Father's Day cake (though Pickle was convinced it was a Farmer's Day cake...) and so with a little help, they came up with this! Ok, Ok, it's pink - but what else can you expect from three girls under 8??

I managed to do a little crochet outside, but not much more.

I'm feeling a little guilty at all the half finished projects that are around at the moment. I'm having a really hard time completing anything this year, but find it very easy to be distracted by starting something new. I'm really going to try to work my way through the line of spotty bags on my shelf containing all my WIP's before I cast on or cut out anything more. I'll try... but I can't promise!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cake, and lots of it!

I seem to have spent the whole weekend baking and eating cake!

I know there are worse ways to pass the time, but I need to think of better ones too or my waist and wardrobe won't forgive me!

Saturday was scones, freshly baked, with jam and cream

Today was an afternoon spent out in the sun with friends, eating cake - sponge with fresh strawberries and whipped cream - and drinking tea while the children played. It's not often our weekends are so quiet, but it was a lovely relaxed time.

Wish we could have more (but maybe less cake next time!)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Today's treat...

...freshly picked from the garden..

...still with raindrops on their petals..

..three different kinds... very special rose..

..put into vases...

..and scattered around the house!

(extra points for those who spot the creepy-crawlies that hitched a lift inside!)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Quick update

..just back from the hospital and Ladybug's bones seems to be staying put, so there's no need to put in any pins. One more week and we'll be in the clear - hooray!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Well that wasn't expected - the sequel..

Some of you may remember this post in February. Well, part2 (the sequel) just carries on...

On Saturday afternoon, Ladybug came running into the house from the garden shouting "I've broken my arm, I've broken my arm..". We hadn't seen or heard anything happen, so my first reaction was that it wasn't particularly serious. That was until she moved her hand away, and what should have been a straight bone was decidedly 's' shaped. It was straight from the elbow, 'till half way along the forearm, where it dropped a good few centimetres until the wrist where it sort of went up a bit again. Straight to A&E we went, with a surprisingly calm ladybug, who didn't cry, but refused to look. All this time, I couldn't quite take it in and was still mulling over the possibility that she may have just dislocated something.. (erm - in the middle of her arm?) It wasn't until I saw the x-ray that I couldn't deny it. It looked something like this:

..but on both bones..

Ladybug had an operation Saturday evening to put everything straight, and we had to stay in the rest of the weekend.
She felt very sorry for herself.

We have to go back on Thursday to check that everything has stayed where it should be. If not, there is the possibility that she may need a couple of pins in. I hope not.

She's happy enough today, but is understandably, very cautious.

Those of you who don't know me 'in the real world' could well be forgiven for thinking this happens regularly to us - but it doesn't, honest! Nine years of being parents, and this is only the 4th trip to A&E that we've had - and three of those have been in the past year! We are becoming quite regular visitors to the children's ward though, and I hope this doesn't continue. Ah well, will let you know the progress on Thursday.