Monday, 12 January 2009

The end of an era

It's been the end of an era in our house today. For the first time in nearly nine years I have no children around and the house is quiet and still. Little Pickle (2 1/2) has started going to nursery for three mornings a week.

( All set to go, with 'Beer' and 'Muzzie')

Because of the small age gaps between my children (the biggest is 27 months!) I have not been child free for a long long time. As soon as one child was ready for nursery, there was always a new baby to take their place - but not now.

With three at school and one just starting nursery, I find myself with all this delicious time to do the things that I want to do and with the ability to do them uninterrupted - hooray! I have even taken the plunge and signed up for a dressmaking course at our local fabric shop - something I have wanted to do for a long time. Being a self- taught knitter, sewer and crocheter, I thought it was about time someone showed me how to do it 'properly' rather than me making it up as I go along! I also plan to start attacking the 'Projects I want to do' list that seems to get longer with each day..

It's bitter-sweet though, this passing of an age. While I look forward to all the things that I can do, it makes me a little sad that there will be no more babies and that my 'babies' are all growing up. Ah well, it had to stop sometime I guess :(

... At least I got this to hang on my wall!

(I must add for those who may be slightly perturbed by the name of Little Pickle's bear, that we are not a family of very heavy drinkers, but that 'beer' is Dutch for bear, and that 'Daddy Long Legs' - ie. my husband, is indeed, Dutch. It has made for some funny moments though - but will tell you those later!)


  1. Aww, I don't know about you, but I was ok when my littlest one went to nursery; it was when he went to school that I howled all day *blush*

    I hope you manage to get lots done - I never manage to achieve as much as I think I will!


  2. Well you seem pretty calm about the last one going of, My youngest started school in septmber and it's taken me till now to use the time on my hands wisely, sounds like your going to keep yourself busy enjoy your new class.
    Joanne xx

  3. Thanks! It starts tomorrow - am a bit nervous..

  4. Hi there! Lvely to 'meet' you. Thanks for signing up to my mug swap, could you please let me know your e-mail so that I can tell you who you are swapping with. Thanks xxx

  5. all my three are in school now too - i still find it a delicious thought and can't quite believe that I have all this time to myself!
    Love that bear! my kids have 'bunny', 'horsey' and 'doggy' - so imaginative! My youngest two, aged 6 and 5, still do everything with their toys tucked under their arms, just like your daughter! so adorable! thanks for visiting my blog! did you get to the sockbunny blog too? click on the bunny picture link in the sidebar!

  6. you are right! it was for someone else! i think I had too many tabs open!!! sorry.

  7. Hello, just found you! Just came to say hi!

    My youngest is rapidly approaching two and I keep thinking it's time for another baby but hubby says no.....we'll have to see if he's right or not...?

    Daisie xxx