Friday, 15 January 2010

A Granny a Day!

Nope, I'm not referring to a New Year's resolution to daily assist ladies if more 'mature years'!!

I've joined the 2010 crochet along over here at Meet me at Mikes . My poor blanket has languished abandoned for far too long in its basket, and I'm hoping this will be just the thing to inspire me to finish it!

Why don't you join in too?


  1. Aaargh - I can't crochet (yet)! It is on my 'to do' list and I really want to master the art. A Granny a day seems like a great idea.xx

  2. Just joined in, starting to learn this year so perfect timing for me. Thanks for the link.

  3. Oooh, one a day I could manage. More than that and my elbow gives me grief. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Such lovely colours it will look lovely.

  5. Oh yes this is one for me I will pop over and join... I think I might start a new blanket of spring / summer colours... Don't tell Mr P that I am going wool shopping though! lol
    Can you suggest a nice (resonably priced) summer weight yarn?

    bye for now

  6. What a good idea! A little bit of motivation and knowing that you are part of a group doing the same does help! x

  7. Definitely going to give the crocheting a go... having a bit of a go at everything lately :)