Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Yes, I know it was six weeks ago, but...

.. in the madness of trips abroad and Christmas, I completely forgot to post about it! (So so sorry Karlyn..)

On the day before we left for Holland on out house finding trip (did I mention we found a great house, but need the seller to reduce the price?)
this wonderful package from Australia arrived on my doorstep:

It was sent by my Polka Dot Christmas swap partner and was full of lovely spotty goodness!

There was a decoration for my tree

bunting for our living room

goodies for the girls

goodies for me

and a really sweet shopping bag disgused as a strawberry!

Thank you Karlyn for your wonderful package, I loved everything in there!

This is what I sent to Karlyn - see here to find out more!


  1. What a sweet package full of goodies.

  2. Gosh - lovely package.

    Glad you have found a house - fingers crossed it works out for you.

  3. What a fabulous bundle of goodies! I love the things you sent your partner too. Congrats on finding a house - I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly for you.
    R x

  4. All those goodies and I'm coming over all Christmas again - YIKES!

    (good luck with the house negotiations)...