Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Crochet rediscovered.

It is a long while ago that I did any crochet apart from a quick flower corsage for a present or two. That was until I followed a link to the lovely colourful Lucy of Attic 24. I have been so inspired by the wonderful, bright things that she has made and when she posted the pattern to her latest project, the Summer garden granny square blanket

I just had to have a go and now I'm addicted! The pattern is easily memorised, which means that I can pick it up and do a couple of minutes here and there, waiting in the car for the children after school, while I'm waiting for the dinner to cook - anywhere! They are so quick to crochet and it's not long before you have a satisfying pile of bright little squares ready to be joined together.

I have little bags of wool dotted all around the house and am completely addicted! I did try using different combinations of colours, but I have to admit that I love the originals the best and so have gone back to those.

I'm determined that this won't be a work that gets abandoned in the 'I'll finish this someday box' and am really excited to see the finished result. My husband will laugh at this point as he doesn't understand how I can be excited about wool - but I can and I am and so there!

....the more observant of you may also notice another project from Lucy's blog that I've been inspired by to try and make my myself!


  1. I *heart* almost everything at Attic 24 - such wonderful colours. Your crochet looks just like Lucy's! And that has to be the biggest compliment going! x

  2. Wonderful work! I just love that pattern from Lucy! She is very inspirational. :) Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  3. Wow, your doing really well!

    My attempt at Lucy's flowers and leaves were not very succesful, I just don't have the knack and clumsy fingers that don't want to do what I want them too doesn't really help!!


  4. Hi,
    I have also seen that same tutorial and I am going to have a go once I have finished knitting this never ending blanket as there will be wool left over to use up. My hubby smiles when I get worked up over fabric etc. He says as he does not have to knit etc he is pleased I have a hobby I enjoy. I feel the same about his radio control cars! I shall be back to see how your crochet grows.
    Indigo Blue