Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Scroll lace scarf

Yay! I finished my first project of twentyten - the Scroll Lace scarf mentioned in my last-but-two post.

It was such a quick and easy knit, and looks so lovely, that I know I'll be making a lot more of these. It does have a tendency to roll along the top edge, but having read comments on Ravelry, I know this is a common problem.

I'll try a few rows of garter stitch before I do the Picot cast off next time...

(Modelled by one of my Christmas presents from my lovely husband! I am a very lucky lady..)

I have now cast on this: Verity - (again by Ysolda) using the same wool.

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  1. Thats a beatuiful scarf... I am assuming its knitted, and to be honest I like the roll at the top... it makes it look like a cross between a polo neck and a cowl... I have just crocheted a hooded scark in pink... I am not a pink person (clothes and attire wise) so I am now at a loss of what to do with it... the wool lent itself to the new pattern I wanted to try and as it was Rowan 100% wool that I bought of a friend for £2 a ball I just had to put it to good use! ;D
    I have posted your giveaway in my sidebar too!

    look forward to seeing your next creation!

    x Alex

  2. I have Ysolda's books but have only knitted the Cairn mitts as yet, so it is really interesting to see that scarf. I have never done any lace knitting, but it is on my list of to-dos this year!

    Pomona x

  3. This is so lovely, well done. Your fabric stash in the photo looks so pretty, how do you store it (could you post a photo if you haven't already?)Thanks,