Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowflakes are falling on my head.....

I'm enjoying the weather today so very much!

The snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon and is getting heavier as I type. We weren't sure at first whether the snow would stick or not - but it has - yipee!

It's a very rare occurrence here in the South East of England - apparently it's the heaviest for 18 yrs. We are a family of snow lovers; my husband and I often sneak away for a spot of snowboarding , and I'm always happiest when surrounded by the 'white stuff'. Well, we haven't got the snowboards out yet, but all the children's schools were closed so we have had lots of fun outside and in a moment we're all going sledging - pics to follow.

For all those who are caught in the snow - enjoy!

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  1. Wow - so much snow! I LOVE the snowman! He's huge.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and best of luck with your new blog, too.
    I'd be happy to swap fabric with you. Email me ( and tell me what you like, and we can get something organised!