Saturday, 21 February 2009

It's a bit addictive this sewing lark, isn't it?!

I am SO enjoying my dressmaking course! I think it helps that the items I have made have been so well received. This week I finished the 'mystery' project..

Ta Da! a cute and simple dress for Miss Chatterbox.

So then it was time to choose the next project. A slight problem. As the course is held in rooms above our local fabric shop, there is a readily available supply of fabric, but the problem was, they had just had a delivery of lovely spring/summer cottons. I was not able to choose. Could not, did not! So here is the preview of my next TWO dresses!

This pattern,

in this fabric for Miss Pickle.

and this pattern

in this fabric for Ladybug.

I think I'm going to do alternate panels for the long summer dress, Boden hotchpotch style.

But not only will my sewing skills be put to the test, but my language skills too. The patterns come from this Dutch magazine and so I'm going to have to translate the pattern as I go. Could be interesting!

..Will let you know how I progress!


  1. Lovely fabrics!! Hopefully the picutres themseleves in the patterns is all that you will need. i use japanese books and just look at the pictures and use my own judgement. let me know if I can help at all.
    I have put your button bracelet on button floozies.

  2. Oh wow - you are doing a brilliant job of all this dressmaking. Puts me to shame. I think the tiered dress is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Oh and holding a course above a shop ... I've heard of that before. They're not silly, are they? ;-) x

  3. BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS!!! Wonderful fabrics!! Can't wait to see them done!! It's great to custom make a dress for your child, in the fabric you choose.

    Happy sewing : )

    Sharon xx

  4. The dress you've finished is gorgeous, and the fabrics and patterns you've chosen are stunning! Do post pics when you've finished them ...