Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Well that wasn't expected - the sequel..

Some of you may remember this post in February. Well, part2 (the sequel) just carries on...

On Saturday afternoon, Ladybug came running into the house from the garden shouting "I've broken my arm, I've broken my arm..". We hadn't seen or heard anything happen, so my first reaction was that it wasn't particularly serious. That was until she moved her hand away, and what should have been a straight bone was decidedly 's' shaped. It was straight from the elbow, 'till half way along the forearm, where it dropped a good few centimetres until the wrist where it sort of went up a bit again. Straight to A&E we went, with a surprisingly calm ladybug, who didn't cry, but refused to look. All this time, I couldn't quite take it in and was still mulling over the possibility that she may have just dislocated something.. (erm - in the middle of her arm?) It wasn't until I saw the x-ray that I couldn't deny it. It looked something like this:

..but on both bones..

Ladybug had an operation Saturday evening to put everything straight, and we had to stay in the rest of the weekend.
She felt very sorry for herself.

We have to go back on Thursday to check that everything has stayed where it should be. If not, there is the possibility that she may need a couple of pins in. I hope not.

She's happy enough today, but is understandably, very cautious.

Those of you who don't know me 'in the real world' could well be forgiven for thinking this happens regularly to us - but it doesn't, honest! Nine years of being parents, and this is only the 4th trip to A&E that we've had - and three of those have been in the past year! We are becoming quite regular visitors to the children's ward though, and I hope this doesn't continue. Ah well, will let you know the progress on Thursday.


  1. Oh no!
    Hope she is soon mended and doesn't need anything adding to her arm, Scary!
    At least, like when my Francesca broke her arm, she has a lovely Mummy to make her pretty slings for it, lovely summer flowers!

  2. Oh bless her!! She must have been through so much!! What a brave little girl!! Hope everything works out well on Thursday : )

    Hugs : )

    Sharon xx

  3. Your kids are brave little troopers aren't they! Hope she feels loads better soon. x

  4. Oh, poor baby - hope she mends really quickly. Plaster must be no fun at all in this heat!

  5. NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO! Poor Ladybug. Poor Mum. Hope Thursday goes swimmingly well and is well and truly pin-free.

  6. Goodness me, what an ordeal! She is so brave... Fingers crossed that Thursday goes well :)

  7. Good grief! That is one hell of a break! (or should that be two?) What a brave girl not to cry (my J would've been screaming blue murder!) Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  8. Best wishes to the poor girl. xx

  9. Hi! Just visiting seaside swappers.

    Poor little girl. She was SO brave!

    My boys are 17 and 15 and used to have an annual trip to A&E for fairly minor but painfull injuries....jumped into padded play area and cracked head open, standing on head...lost balance...suffered whiplash, stood on notice board pin...pin bent over...couldn't pull it out, smacked in face with bat...knocked front tooth out...had tooth put back in! The list goes on! Cotton wool kids?.......I think not!