Monday, 22 June 2009

Lazy Days

Not a lot of anything went on here this weekend. Daddy Long Legs and the Engineer were away at a 'Father and Son' Scout camp, which left me and the girlies home together. It was so different in a house full of females. Much quieter and much more laid back! We watched movies, went into town for coffee (me!) and cake and continued the weekend baking theme over from last week! Yes - MORE cake!

The girls wanted to make a Father's Day cake (though Pickle was convinced it was a Farmer's Day cake...) and so with a little help, they came up with this! Ok, Ok, it's pink - but what else can you expect from three girls under 8??

I managed to do a little crochet outside, but not much more.

I'm feeling a little guilty at all the half finished projects that are around at the moment. I'm having a really hard time completing anything this year, but find it very easy to be distracted by starting something new. I'm really going to try to work my way through the line of spotty bags on my shelf containing all my WIP's before I cast on or cut out anything more. I'll try... but I can't promise!


  1. That cake looks divine! Glad you had a fun girly weekend :)

  2. what a lovely blog you have!!