Sunday, 28 June 2009


I never ever seem to do very well when it comes to winning things. Give-aways - nope, raffles - absolutely not, tombola - not a chance! So I was very excited to find out that I had won a give-away from Annette on her blog The Ward House. It arrived last week, and I am so pleased! Two lovely sunshine yellow washcloths and a bar of handmade soap containing bergamot, which reminds me of Earl grey tea. Thank you Annette!

I had never used (or made) hand crochet washcloths before, but am converted! So much better than the flimsy ones you get from the supermarket (or the old baby vests I had been using too..) So quick to crochet up and I can get to use up all those odds and ends of cotton I have.

It is one of those things that non-knitters/crocheters often don't get though - a bit like knitting your own socks. I have been met with incredulity when people realise my cloths are 'hand made' and many don't quite understand why I would want to spend twelve pounds on a skein of sock wool and then spend hours knitting a pair of socks when I can get a pack of 5 from the supermarket for half the price and no effort! But then, they don't get to wear them......

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