Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Oh My!!

What a mad few weeks it's been here!! We had our offer on our favourite house accepted (they dropped €65 000 in the end!). This means that we have only 8 weeks to go before we move to Den Haag. Eeeek!! At the moment we are swamped with trying to find reasonably priced movers, arranging the mortgage, and sorting out schools - there is only a place for the Engineer at the local school so far, despite us being promised places for all 3 - and all the local schools are full up. We are really disappointed as we were keen for them all to be together locally so they could begin to make friends in the neighbourhood. At the moment we are looking at a long car drive to place the two girls. It's all a bit mad here!

On top of that, I had my operation last Monday, which unfortunately didn't go as planned. I'm in more pain now than I was before and need to have another op. in the coming weeks. Not fun.

I have been a little busy with crafty things though. I made a pencil roll as part of a present for one of Pickle's friends

and of course, had to make one for Pickle too (though it's not finished yet...)

I have been plodding on with my 'Granny a day' project,

I even found a snippet of time to make a brooch for my new coat!

Plus, I've been working on my spring swap project, though I can't show you anything yet! Pictures will follow soon though!


  1. you do sound busy, i love what you've been making though!

  2. Wow - you have been busy. Fantastic news on getting your house sorted out. You'll be pleased to know we have been bathed in sunshine in DH this week - lets hope spring has sprung.
    The school issue is always a difficult one, I hope you get it sorted out and they can all be together.

  3. I'm sorry that your operation didn't go as planned, that's rotten :( All the stuff you've been making, however, is beautiful! And eight weeks until the big move, so soon... hope you're getting plenty of help sorting everything out!

    PS My word verification was Zoothoo. That's Dutch, right?

  4. how exciting, goodluck! You sure have been busy, love the pencil roll!

  5. You are working on so many beautiful craft projects! I love the colors you are using in your granny squares! Where did you get the pattern for your pencil roll? I have seen similar rolls used for crochet hooks and want to make one.

  6. Great news about the house but how disappointing about the schools.
    I am also really sorry that your operation didn't go well. I hope they will be able to sort it soon.
    I adore your little pencil pouches, and your brooch
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    Rachael XX