Saturday, 20 March 2010

Just a quick 'hello'..

I'm just popping by to say 'hello' and to let you know that I won't be around for a little while. I'm back in hospital again on Monday for another operation on my kidney and may be out of action for a little while. I just hope this op is more successful than the one a few weeks ago. Turns out, they did the 'wrong' op. Honest, no kidding, so this time I'm back in for the one that should have been done the first time. I just hope it leaves me in less pain and solves the problems I've been having, and yes, we are pursuing the matter of the previous debacle...

On a much more upbeat note, I have found the most perfect sofa for our new house. We are lucky enough to have two living areas, one I can imagine for the TV and mostly occupied by the children, the other I'm imagining as a more peaceful reading/knitting area for me. Guess where this sofa will hopefully be going....I saw this sofa tonight and squeaked out loud when I saw it (honest!!) It's a 'Klippan' sofa from Ikea in Lappmon covers - I love it! Now, just to persuade Daddy Long Legs.....


  1. Best of luck with this surgery! How the hell do they do the "wrong" operation for pete's sake!?!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery!

    T xxx

    PS now I want that sofa too!!! No room in the house mind. How do ya think the shed would look with a pretty patchworkish sofa?

  2. Good luck for the operation. It's truly awful that "they" could have made such a terrible mistake - and very worrying.

    However, hope all goes well with the recovery and you're back here again soon, sitting on your gorgeous new sofa!

  3. Ouch. I so hope this op is a veritable walk in the park. I also couldn’t think of a nicer looking couch to do a spot of recovery on. How could Daddy Long Legs refuse? Look forward to seeing you back in action soon.

  4. Hugs from me and wish you a speedy recovery :0) You lucky thing getting that, I lurrve it and think once you get home you should relax, put your feet up and enjoys its lovliness, hoe could daddy long legs refuse, ohooo that is what Tania said too, true thought :0)


  5. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  6. Best wishes and a speedy recovery. How terrible they did the wrong op before - unbelievable. Take care!

  7. Will be thinking of you on Monday and sending you healing thoughts.

    I too squealed when I saw that sofa in Ikea and ran to sit on it like a big kid. Sadly we cannot justify the expense of a new sofa at the mo but I can dream.....


  8. Best of luck with your op and hope you feel lots better soon. And I love that sofa! Beautiful!
    Rachel x

  9. All the best for the surgery. Sending you get well soon vibes.
    A x

  10. Sending you lots of luck and love as you go into hospital. I hope all goes well this time.
    Love the sofa.
    Take care
    Rachael xx

  11. I hope all went well with the op. That sofa looks perfect for sitting and making pincushions on! :D
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  12. I hope this time they get you better. I'm sorry to read that you have to go for the second time. I also wish you a great recovery.