Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Scroll lace scarf (part two!)

I knew when I finished this scarf only three weeks ago that I would probably be making another one soon as it was such a lovely easy pattern to do. Lo and behold, here is version two!

I made it as a thank you gift for a lovely friend who has been helping me out since my hospital trip in November by taking Pickle along to her ballet lessons. (Sigh, still on high doses of pain meds which mean I'm not terribly safe on the roads... I've got a date for my op. now though -22nd Feb - Hooray!)

Anyhow, I wanted to make her a little something to show how much I appreciate her help, which has had to continue for much longer than first anticipated. So here it is.

I knitted it in a sockweight yarn this time, which makes it a lovely thickness, perfect for spring, and which really shows off the lace border.

Picture courtesy of Abstract Cat

I used Green Granite from a rather larger order that I placed with Abstract Cat recently. I've already cast on a pair of socks using the 'spiced' - lovely and soft!

I did try using a couple of rows of garter stitch before the picot cast off for this one to stop the 'rolling issue', but it didn't work and I didn't like how it looked, so I re-did it. Any other ideas that may help?


  1. That lace knitting is so gorgeous!!!
    Lets see, I know how to knit and how to purl.... something tells me that this pattern is a little too complicated for me until I learn how to do a few more things with my knitting needles. :-)

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous, what a sweet gift.

  3. oh wow, loooove that sock yarn. i was admiring the scarf and thinking how i have some manos in that color and then i saw the pain medications, which i'm on right now for lyme. glad i'm not the only one out there getting by by knitting! take care, pink

  4. Wow, gorgeous! Makes me wish I could master knitting - three people have tried to teach me, but I remain a stubborn crocheter.

  5. Maybe a few rows of moss stitch?

  6. Stunning scarf for your lovely friend, beautiful colour and design...doesnt look that easy to me being a beginner!!!


  7. Another beautiful scarf - I love the yarn!

    Pomona x

  8. Absolutely gorgeous scarf!! Best wishes for the 22nd too.