Thursday, 3 September 2009

That still, still sound......

Our house feels very empty today. Everyone has gone back to school and it's just me and Pickle left at home. We have had such a great summer holiday this year and for the first time ever, I really didn't want ! Pickle visibly drooped when everyone left this morning and so to cheer her up, we went shopping for her new ballet uniform. She has wanted to join her big sisters for ballet lessons for ages, and now she's 3 1/2 , she can! She was very excited in the dance shop and caused lots of smiles. We must practice saying 'Miss Trudi' rather than the current 'Mister Trudi' before next Thursday though!

Next Monday will be the start of a whole new chapter for me as Pickle will be going to nursery every morning, leaving me with more time for 'making'. It's the first time since the Engineer was born (9 1/2 years ago) that I will have had so much time for me during the day. I'm excited and have lots of plans, maybe I'll even finally put something in the Folksy shop that I've had for the past four months...... maybe.

The pictures are of the new pencil case that I made for Ladybug last night (nothing like being on top of things eh?) She really wanted me to make one for her rather than buy one from the shops and she chose the fabric herself on our 'girls day out' in London - (I'll blog about that another time!). It's just a simple , lined box pouch, big enough for all her things. She really liked it, which is the important bit! Sorry about the pictures, but it was already dark by the time I finished it.

Hope that everyone else had good holidays and that those with school age children are enjoying the breathing space!


  1. It's a very pretty pencil case; mine begged for a Hello Kitty one and while normally I'd have held out for handmade, I decided we were short enough of holiday time that I gave in - just this once!

  2. That is a lvoely pencil case.

    Found you via half an Acre

  3. How sweet that she wanted you to make her one! That must make you so proud to know that your own children value your creativity. Adorable :)

  4. Hello!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left over at my blog :) Good luck in the Giveaway!

    You have a lovely blog- great pencil case too!

    x Em

  5. Wow, lovely case! She chose a great fabric. I'm really excited to see what you make with your new found freedom!

  6. What a pretty pencil case! It is so reassuring to know that lovely things can come out of last minute scrambles.

  7. It's beautiful :)
    She picked very lovely fabric with those polka dots....