Thursday, 24 September 2009

An apple a day...

Due to a request to re-jiggle our sessions by the nursery, Pickle now does a whole day on Wednesdays, which means that she gets to stay for lunch. She was so excited to hear this and was so pleased that she too would have a lunch bag - just like her older brother and sisters!

It happened that only the week before, I had seen a link to these and so decided that Pickle would have her very own too (when will I learn?) . She chose the fabric she wanted - albeit from a 'selected' choice! - and so Tuesday night found me making this:

It went fairly smoothly...

I decided to make it out of fabric so that it could be washed and wanted it to be lined so that it looked pretty on the inside too (?!) hide the seams, I really wanted to use this spotty bias tape that I had, but there wasn't enough - grrr!

as I had once again left it as late as I possible could, there was no time to get any more, so I used cotton webbing, which looks better than I thought, but I had a huge problem with the corners and my sewing machine.

As everything in the nursery needs to be labelled, I used my fledgling free-embroidery skills and made her a fabric covered button with her name embroidered on and sewed it to the front. She loved it (phew!)

I'm not happy at all with the corners though, really not happy. I do however have more fabric and tape. I feel a second lunch bag coming soon.....!!!

p.s. (once again, sorry for the quality of the photographs, but I took these at a time of day when I shouldn't even have been awake, let alone trying to take pictures of a flippin' lunch bag!)


  1. Its absolutely gorgeous! Love the fabric and would seriously buy one of those if I saw it in a shop. The hand embroidered button is fab too. What a lucky girl having such a clever mum!

  2. I love it! I think it's beautiful and the corners look just fine to me :) And please, please pretty please tell me where I can get the polkadot binding?

  3. well if your not happy with it send it this way ;-) its look fab to me and i love the fabric choice
    Lesley x

  4. Oooh it's gorgeous!!
    Might have to make one for myself!! LOL

  5. I think the lunch bag looks just fine , i still have a reading record book to make yet !!!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog and thankfully my finger is back to normal !!

    Sara x