Friday, 14 August 2009

A nice surprise

A couple of weeks ago when I was sitting with Ladybug sorting out a problem with her knitting, The Engineer asked me if I could teach him how to knit too.

Completely taken by surprise, as he had shown absolutely no interest up until this point, I said 'of course', he chose his wool and we began.

He grasped the idea really quickly and has stuck with it ever since, picking it up each day. He even took it on holiday with him and knitted on the ferry!

It did take me a little by surprise though when I asked him to put his pyjamas on later that day and he replied 'can I just finish this row?' Not a phrase I had somehow ever imagined coming from my son's lips ...... !!


  1. That is`wonderful ! I taught my son to crochet !

  2. What's he knitting ? There's a man with a stall in Leeuwarden Market every week who , between sales , knits socks .

  3. I think a lot of technical/creative boys are fascinated by knitting - I know my son was around age 8-10. After all, knitting is mathematical and constructive - just like all those building sets such as Meccano and K'nex!

    Just discovered your blog via Indigo Blue - lovely pics!

    Pomona x