Saturday, 25 April 2009

Holiday shopping

As mentioned in my previous post, I was very restrained on our recent trip to The Netherlands, and bought no yarn at all. I hardly bought any fabric either - but I couldn't resist these when I saw them...

I did however, buy ribbon from the market.
Lots of it. Lots and lots of it!

The stallholder knew he was onto a good thing, and kept producing more.
"oh, have you seen this one? I think you'll like it..."

He was right!
But look.. little birds and hearts!


...little gnomes in spotty hats!

Spotty toadstools on spotty background!
(I think this one is my favourite)

Russian dolls..

spring flowers...

Windmills... (had to really, seeing as where we were!)

..more flowers

Little Red Riding hood (can you spot the wolf?)

..more spotty toadstools, more owls, more gnomes!

All are really lovely woven ribbons and none were more than 1.50 Euro a metre. Daddy Long Legs was very accommodating, and only flinched ever so slightly when the man kept producing more rolls.

I have a few ideas for the ribbons, but for now, I'll just sit happily looking at them for a bit longer!


  1. Beautiful ribbons, am very very jealous!!

  2. I might have to go to the Netherlands just to get those ribbons, I've never seen anything a fraction as nice as those in the UK! To say I'm jealous is a massive understatement...

  3. Oh wow! So wonderful! Love the fabrics =)
    And I recognise some of the ribbons from farbenmix. they are lovely, and I have been contemplating to get them for sometime now.
    I thought the price was a little steep (after some currency conversion), but looking at your photos, I am quickly changing my mind =)
    And I am as jealous as Kitschy Coo - if not more! =D