Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Cows 'n bugs 'n things

Sorry for the long absence, last week saw me hit with a particularly horrid lurgy which confined me to bed and meant that I didn't leave the house from Monday through to Friday. While the thought of staying in bed for a day is one that often flits through my brain, it's usually accompanied by the picture of me knitting away, watching daytime TV and with a large cup of coffee on the bedside table. (I have to clarify here that this always remains just a thought - it never materialises into reality!) Instead, when I finally did get a few 'days off' I was ill to do anything more strenuous than sniffle feebly and walk the few steps to the bathroom.

Not a sausage of crafting was done, not a needle picked up, though a fair bit of daytime TV was watched! I slept for 15 hours on Monday night and still felt wretched. Fortunately my husband works for himself, from his office here in the house and so was able to take over the school runs and cooking duties for a few days.

So there's not a lot to show today, other than this!

I have just finished sewing another of Amanda's patterns prior to release. This time it was her matinee jacket, which again is reversible. I already had the cotton cowprint in my stash and with not feeling very well and with our nearest good fabric store over 40 minutes away, I decided to use up some of my stash for the other side too. I proably wouldn't have gone for black if I'd had the choice, but it was about the only fabric I had enough of that didn't clash too badly with the cow fabric!

Pickle liked it, her new 'cow coat' and even obliged by posing in it for some pictures!

Oh and the rose at the beginning? A gift from my wonderful husband - "just because"!


  1. I love the little cow jacket, beautiful!

    So sorry you have been poorly, hope you are now fully recovered!?


  2. I was lurgified too ... rubbish, isn't it? Hope you're well on the mend now. That jacket it gorgeous. x

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well, even more impressed by your little cow jacket!