Monday, 27 July 2009

Seaside swap

Some people are very organised - unlike me, who, while I have been gathering things for weeks now, still need to finish the handmade bit of my seaside swap BEFORE Wednesday (eek!).

One of these very organised people is the lovely Rachel who organised the seaside swap and who sent me her swap package two whole weeks before the deadline!

There were lots of lovely goodies inside:

A very seasidey card

...yummy chocolate (didn't last long!)..

... a lovely handmade purse..

..a very apt sign..! (though I guess it would be raining there too)

.. a deliciously scented candle..

..some really cute embroidery patches...

..body milk (just the thing if the sun decides to shine!)..

.. and the best bit. This wonderful seasidey mini quilt....

Thank you Rachel, for organising the swap, and for my fantastic package of goodies! I will finish yours on time - honest!

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