Saturday, 16 May 2009

..going over to the other side!

Now that all the birthdays are done with until September and there are no more 'big events' to prepare for, I have a little time to myself again. Phew!

So, on Wednesday night, I cast on this - Ishbel, out of the 'Whimsical Little Knits' book by Ysolda Teague

I have had this scrumptious wool in my stash for a little while now and thought it would be perfect.

The first part of this pattern is primarily stocking stitch which was perfect for the cunning plan that I had in mind. You see, I've decided that I want to learn how to knit 'Continental style', using the left hand.

Not sure why, but it's something I've been planning to do for ages! So, I thought, there's no better time to learn, but boy! is it frustrating! It feels so awkward, and I feel like a beginner all over again. I have heard that it's possible to knit more quickly using this method, but that certainly isn't the case at the moment. I'm sure it will come. I hope it will come, otherwise I'm pretty sure my little trip over to the 'other side' will be very brief...!


  1. That is seriously beautiful wool. It's going to be very pretty!

  2. What wonderful yarn - the colours are gorgeous. x