Monday, 11 May 2009

..and breathe..!

Well, that's most of the mad mad busy time over with for a while. The shopping evening is all finished and while not my most successful sale, was still worth while. This however, is the state of my study at the moment...!

I had plans for the proceeds, and it has been carefully distributed between my 'overlocker fund', my 'Knitting-and-Stitch-show-splurge-fund', my 'I-love-this-fabric-and-have-to-have-it-fund' and one other pot which will remain anonymous for now!

It's nice to feel that I have a little bit more freedom to do things for me again.

Just the Everest size ironing pile

and Pickle's birthday on Wednesday to go!

Thought I'd share this with you...

I had seen it on Jodie's blog and fell in love with it straight away. As soon as the patterns appeared in her Etsy shop, I had to have one!

I made this one for Pickle's birthday and used it on Saturday as a prop for my felt cakes. I have plans to make six bigger plates and to adapt the cup pattern to make a milk jug and sugar bowl too. I love it!


  1. A friend sent me over here to see this - it looks fantastic . I love the colours you chose....This is only the second one I have seen, You have made my day!

  2. That Jodie is an artist ... she's so clever and inventive. Your version of her tea set is gorgeous - well done you. x

  3. Oooh that's beautiful!

    Must admit to being ever slightly envious of that fabric stash though..... to nosey at Jodies blog :)

  4. I wanted to leave a comment on 'a day to remember' but the pute won't let me, grr!

    I wanted to say what a brave wonderful mother you are and that I will be thinking of both you survivors today and wishing Pickle a very happy third birthday!


  5. Amazing! I LOVE it so much!!