Monday, 16 March 2009

Sunny Bunnies!

This weekend, I thought I'd get organised and start making little bunnies for my girls as part of their Easter present. They are always so disappointed when the things I make go to other homes, so I decided to make something just for them. This is what I came up with - little pocket sized bunnies!

Only I had such fun making them that I carried on!.It's my first attempt at making something from scratch with no pattern and it took a little while and a number of disastrous attempts, but I'm pleased with how they have turned out.

Here's a sneak preview of another bunny in the process of being made.....

- but you'll just have to wait until he's finished before you see all of him!


  1. These are adorable!!

  2. Ok I am going to try and comment without being annonymous.
    I still think that they are cute

  3. Oh myyyyyy what cute cute little faces.

  4. oh these are just gorgeous! can't resist a cute bunny!