Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Still going strong!

Nope. Still not fed up with it.....

Today I practised a little more and made three lavender bags.

I have just finished painting an old wardrobe for our newly decorated guest room, and wanted to get rid of the 'painty'smell. I also wanted one for the drawer in which I keep the spare bedlinen.

I really like the 'new' room, though it's not quite finished yet. I bought these for the wardrobe to replace the boring old pine ones, and they make me smile each time I see them.

..and have you seen my wallpaper? I love it!


  1. Hello i am a new follower of your scrumptious blog,wow your makes are so good!today i might get out my sewing and make something, have a super day, jackannex

  2. What a happy find! Love just coming across lovely blogs. Sweet lavender bags!

  3. que bonitos intenare hacerlos.
    si te apetece visita mi blog